Beauty, however subjective it’s meaning, is always and everywhere to be found. This excites me.


For as long as I can remember, I have been absorbing the world around me, with my eyes wide open. Trying to see things as they are and looking for ways to see clearer, both literally and figuratively, is an essential way for me to reflect and react on life. 


The process of creating is a way for me to express and translate this. And maybe even more a way to receive a clearer perspective somehow. 

Mainly I work with ink, pencils, markers, pens and paint on varied backgrounds. By photographing my handmade drawings/ paintings and by digitizing them, I am able to add the effects of light and size. 


Sometimes I add the effect of layers. This allows me to intertwine my drawings/paintings by layering them in a certain way, in a certain size and in a certain colorscheme, so a new story, a new image is able to arise.    



Currently I work from my studio in Beusichem NL, which also

functions as an exhibition space. If you are interested in knowing more

about my work, feel free to contact me by email.